Google Analytics

Google analytics for your business gives you deep and meaningful insights into the mind of your target audience. It displays a clear and concise run down of their actions as they navigate through your website.

This information is incredibly valuable. With the right team you can craft your website to tailor the needs of your customer. Have a look below what some of this data means and how we use it to grow your business.

Bounce Rate
Bucket Head proudly averages as low as 31%

Bounce Rate

What does it mean? Well, In short, the lower your bounce rate the better. Your bounce rate percentage reflects whether your websites visitors navigate to other pages on your website or whether they tend not to.

A low bounce rate leads to an increase in potential revenue for you and your company. A high bounce rate tends to do the opposite and is a common oversight, but it can be avoided. Get in touch today to learn more.

Visitor Time
Bucket Head has proudly increased our clients average browsing time by over 68%

Average Visitor Time

The longer a visitor stays on your website, the higher chance you have to benefit from their unique visit. No matter what sector you are in, time and money go hand in hand.

A low visit time generally shows that the potential customer cannot clearly find what they are looking for. Bucket Head proudly boast 68% increase of users across our client base spend 5 minutes or more on their websites.