Social Media

Bucket Head have a proven track record of increasing small brand social media accounts visibility and followers without having to go down expensive advertising routes.

We use a perfect blend of on topic posts and off topic posts to keep you and your audience more engaged than ever. Have a look below at the techniques we apply and pass on to our clients.

Increase Clicks

Click Through Rate

Click through rate refers to the percentage of your audience who actually click through a link in your post, driving them to your website. How we achieve this is done in a few small ways. Create a call to action, put yourself in your audiences shoes, what would you like to click on?

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80 / 20
Did you know that only 20% of your shared content should be about your brand?

80 / 20

The golden rule of posting to your page. Keep 80% of your shared content about interesting and shareable topics that are unrelated to your brand. The more people share the more your brand gets out there.

That other 20% can be strictly focuses on providing strong ‘call to action’ posts that drive up your sales or revenue. Give us a call or follow our facebook page to learn more tips and tricks to help you and your business!